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​​MAY 2, 2013 

Hey everyone,


I'm very happy to be able to update you on what has been a crazy past month.

In main news, things are cooking with full steam in the Hypodive camp. This past Saturday, in celebration of Cinco de Mayo weekend, we played a HUGE show at Santos Party House (in direct support of established Rock band The Energy).


The performance was by far my best with the band so far in my 4 month history with them and we could not be happier with the reception we got from our friends, fans, and industry executives who kindly attended. After the show we were extremely humbled to hang out with no one other than Diana Meltzer (known as the Queen of the Music Industry, and discoverer of bands like EVANESCENCE and CREED). Diana was an extremely kind and inspiring host to all of us and we had one of the most fun nights in a while. Thank you so much for everything!


For pics and videos from this memorable night, please check out my Facebook page!

A lot of exciting opportunities are opening up with the band so I'll be sure to keep everyone posted! ;-)


In other news, I'll be playing a couple of gigs later in the month with the Matt Giella Quartet and Yellowcake, after a brief absence with both of them. Looking forward to getting my feet wet outside of the Rock genre since it's pretty much been all I've been focusing on with Hypodive heat.


And lastly, I'll be visiting Brazil towards the end of the month as well, visiting old friends and doing a little bit of Music related networking activities so I'm SUPER excited to enjoy some time back home!


As always, stay up to date with everything on my official Facebook page! 

MARCH 28, 2013

Hey guys, 

Happy to have some time to update my website again! 


It's been a crazy productive month - which is always a good thing. 


First off, the two singles ("Speak No Evil" and "Real Love") I recorded with Hypodive are officially released, which I'm very excited about. Being in the band for only 2 months, it's great to have been able to contribute to their new sound. I'm also pretty happy with the drum tracks I came up with - check them out at !!


The singles were released at our "High Heel Hangover Pt. 1" EP Release Party at Bowery Electric. The show was a great success and I had a ton of fun playing for a packed house!


We will be continuing the High Heel Hangover tour in Philadelphia on April 6, at the Legendary Dobbs - venue that has seen acts such as Nirvana, Rage Against the Machine, and the Smashing Pumpkins in the past. Very happy to be playing there for the first time! 

 We'll be continuing the tour in Hartford, CT and Boston, MA in May...stay tuned for some official date announcements. 


And also, Chicago Music Magazine , run by the one and only

Shawn Kellner (the man behind flying Hypodive out to Chicago last month), just released a mini-documentary on our time there playing the Double Door venue.  We had an amazing time there, playing with our friend Ozwald Bozwald and other talented Chicago bands, and can't wait to go back soon. Check out the video in the following link : !


I've also added two new dates I'll be playing soon: 

April 5 I'll be with talented Rock Singer Rick Rocker , playing a huge party at the Diamond Cuts Gallery in Queens, NY. We'll be promoting his newly released album and it should be a great time. 

Towards the end of May, I will be returning to The Shrine in Harlem, NY with Yellowcake. We will be playing unveiling some new material, which will anticipate a potential live album recording - stay tuned!


Thanks guys , stay up-to-date on my official Facebook page for latest pictures and all the good stuff by the minute : !

February 25, 2013



Hey guys, it's that time of the month again, ha! 


I revamped a couple of sections on the website - mainly the Audio Samples and Biography sections. Check them out! ;-)


 First of all, I had an amazing time with Hypodive playing the Chicago Music Magazine February Industry Showcase at Chicago's very own Double Door. I loved meeting all the great bands that played that night and thoroughly enjoyed all the support given to us while there. Huge thanks to Shawn Kellner and the entire Chicago Music Magazine crew for an amazing time!


 Check out the pictures from the event on my Facebook page ( and please also check out for more!


 Speaking of Hypodive, I also recently recorded the two new tracks "Real Love" and "Speak No Evil", which will be released on the band's new EP "The High Heel Hangover". Looking forward to guys checking out some great Electro Dance Rock/Pop music ;)


 As always, as soon as the tracks are released, I'll be posting a streaming link of one of them directly on my website.These songs will officially be released on March 13 at the Official EP Release Party at the Bowery Electric.

 Please see my Facebook page again for all the details surrounding this great night!


 In other news, I am very excited to also be taking a Drum Lesson tomorrow with the one and only Will Calhoun, most famously known for his work with Living Colour.

 As a true visionary of the instrument, I am thrilled to be able to learn from this Master Drummer. 


 Looking forward to another great month - I truly am thankful for the opportunities received in my first month back in NewYork...CRAZY!!Thanks so much to all of you for your continued support!

January 20, 2013



Hey guys!

 Super happy new year to you all!

 So happy to finally be able to update my website again after many months.

 Most of you are aware that I spent the last couple of months abroad, specifically passing through Paris, London, and my home country Brazil. 


It was a great journey and I am refreshed and motivated being back in the city.


 I'm happy to say that I studied with renown Brazilian drummer Wilson Meireles during my time in Rio de Janeiro, specifically focusing on Brazilian rhythms.

 He was kind enough to introduce to several members of the Rio music scene and also gave me the opportunity to perform at the well-known Bar Semente in the famous Lapa neighborhood of Rio.

 Valeu Meireles - Thanks for everything! 

 For pics of my time in Rio, check out my Facebook page! (


 I'm also excited to say that I have several gigs lining up now that I am back, including opening for the amazing NIGEL HALL BAND at Sullivan Hall this coming Saturday (1/26 at 8 pm) with Yellowcake. I'm incredibly excited and hope to see you all there!


 And last but definitely not least, I am very happy to say I will be joining Dance Pop band HYPODIVE ( They have big plans in the works and have several awesome gigs lined up, including some possible recording sessions soon!


  And as always, I'll be adding all my upcoming performances to my Schedule section of the website as soon as possible! 


Can't wait to see you all live!

September 25, 2012



Hey all,

 Finally have some time to update my website. 


I'm going to have an eventful month of October, including playing Sullivan Hall once again with Yellowcake on October 12.


I also have gigs lining up with Queens-based Singer/Songwriter Rick Rocker.


Additionally, I've had the privilege of studying over the past few weeks with drummers none other than Studio Legend Bernard Purdie, whom I was fortunate to meet at the Sam Ash Best in Drums competition last year, and Adam Deitch, one of the top groove drummers around today.


I also have some cool projects lined up that I'll hopefully announce soon, including an Electronic music group and a newly founded Funk band. I'll provide details as soon as things are cemented further! 


See you all soon!


August 11, 2012


Hey guys!

 Just wanted to say a quick what's up and mention that I'm going to have a lot of good stuff coming up in the next couple of weeks. I'm going to have a couple of gigs lined up with several Singer/Songwriters around the city and definitely some good stuff with Yellowcake as well.


There might even be some recording plans in mind, which would be awesome, being my first recorded material with the band. It would also be the second big recording project I'm involved in this year.


 Keep checking my website for updates on gigs since they will be posted soooon!

 Thanks a bunch and see you all soon,


July 28, 2012


Hey guys, good to have some time to update my website.


First off, with the big news: Unfortunately, I am no longer a part of my Rock Band The Dirty Words. After 1 year and a half of being in the band (which started out as Mostly Coats) and going through amazing times playing around New York and the surrounding area, my personal and professional goals were no longer being met with the band. 


My departure is joined by our bassist Jamie Pitrelli and our guitarist Tom Senatore. We no longer saw our future in the band and felt our time was done. 

 With that being said, I'm happy to have finished recording the drum tracks of the 7 songs we wrote for the EP at Big Blue Meenie Studios and was very happy with the work I put into the project. The tracks will eventually be released, by which I will update the website when further details are released. We did some good work so I'm sure you guys will dig it. And personally, this was my best recorded performance so I'm excited to share that with allof you. 


I wish the project success and also want to thank our producers Phil Schmoll and Chris Altenhoff for the timethey invested into the project and their support throughout my involvement. 


With this news, I will be looking for new bands to play in as of immediately and continue my participation in Yellowcake (which continues awesome, expect some show announcements soon) and the Matt Giella Quartet.


Thanks for all the continued support and I will see you all out there soon. 




June 30, 2012


What's going on guys, finally have a minute to update my page. Played at the extremely cool Brooklyn Bowl last night for the first time with Yellowcake, opening up for LA's Orgone. Great show, great vibes, and overall killer time.


 This weekend I also played with the Matt Giella Quartet at Somethin' Jazz Club, a nice little spot in midtown.


 And next week I'm playing the very cool CBGB Festival, with the Dirty Words. Our showcase is at Local 269 on July 5, with our set time being 11 pm. Super excited for that and to premiere some of our new material.


 Speaking of which, the EP is coming along great and there may even be plans to record enough material for a full album. In the of July, we go back into Big Blue Meenie Studios in Jersey City to finish drum tracking.


 I also had the chance to finally get together with Shawn Pelton (Saturday Night Live), whom I met at the Sam Ash Best in Drums competition last year, and take a lesson on Studio drumming. He's the man; it's no wonder he's always so busy playing with everybody.


 All in all, great vibes, great work, and working hard. I'll see you guys out in one of my shows!  


May, 12, 2012


 Yo guys, what's happening! Been a while since I've had a chance to update my site so let's get down to business:


 My rock band formerly known as Mostly Coats is now called The Dirty Words. Overall, the old name wasn't working for us with the stylistic direction we decided to take so we're excited to begin this brand new era. We played an awesome show at Bowery Electric on April 21 with several of our friends and made the name change official at the show.


 In the meantime, our first single from the new EP is very near completion. I would expect it to be out by the end of the month, which is AWESOME. And it's always good to mention we are being produced by the powerhouse duo Phil Schmoll (Royal Noise Productions) and Chris Altenhoff (Trans-Siberian Orchestra).



Otherwise, busy with both Yellowcake and the Matt Giella Quartet. We have shows coming up in June that have been listed in my schedule!

 See you guys soon, hopefully with the new single rocking everyone's airwaves!

April 1, 2012


 Hey guys, just catching up with you all on a busy month.

 Finally finished mixing the Paul and Reisha EP Demo which I produced in conjunction with my co-producer Matt Giella. The music sounds great and I'll have links to audio samples shortly.


 The gig with Yellowcake at The Shrine in Harlem was a great time and we already have a date lined up at Sullivan Hall for June 2. We have a great slot so I hope to see you all there. 


 And lastly, things are going extremely well with Mosty Coats. We will be releasing our first single for the EP within the next couple of weeks or so. 

 We recently did drum tracking for 2 songs on the workat Big Blue Meenie studios in Jersey City. Super rockstar experience, loved everything about it. And the drums sound sooo good so I'm super excited to share with you all.


 We have a HUGE April 21st headlining show at the Bowery Electric at 10 pm. We're using it to raise money to fund our EP production costs working with the great Chris Altenhoff (Trans Siberian Orchestra) and Phil Schmoll (Royal Noise Productions). I'd hugely appreciate everyone's help with this!



Anyway that's all for now, stay tuneddd!

 Peace and love,



 March 4, 2012


 Hey everyone, been a bit since I updated so here are some exciting news.

 Still rocking with Yellowcake, writing some new material and getting ready to play more shows. We're playing at classic Harlem venue The Shrine on March 22nd. It's my first time playing there so it should be fun and exciting!


 Also, still going strong with the Matt Giella Quartet . Will have some more shows with them announced soon!


 Speaking of which, my work producing Paul & Reisha is almost done and will be released in the next couple of weeks.Working with co-producer Matt Giella has been a blast and I'm excited to share what we've done.


 Lastly, but certainly not least, Mostly Coats is busy in pre-production for the new EP. Working with Producer Phil Schmoll has been a pleasureand is truly an awesome learning experience. Also, we will be tracking Drums for the EP at the renown Big Blue Meanie Studios, where artists of the caliber ofMadonna and Rage Against the Machine have worked at. Super pumped and I'll definitely capture some great footage of all that!


 That's all for now, see you all soon!

 February 19, 2012


 Hey everyone, super busy over here, finally got time to update my news section.

 The big stuff first: currently working with Producer Phil Schmoll (Royal Noise Records) to put together my debut EP with Mostly Coats that's coming out soon. Our work is sounding amazing and I'm really excited to come out with some of the best recorded material I've been on.

 In other news, my work producing Pop Duo Paul & Reisha with my co-producer Matt Giella ( is nearly complete. 

 We are done tracking the 4 songs EP, which I also played drums on, and are excited about what we hear. Expect to see news on that project very soon!

 Lastly I'm still going strong with Yellowcake and the Matt Giella Quartet. Check out my schedule for updated info on shows!

 January 27, 2012


 AMAZING gig with Yellowcake at Sullivan Hall last Saturday. PACKED house (at least 150 people in attendance), great energy, 

 and sweet show. And our good friend Matt Giella helped us out, 

 laying down some sick trumpet lines. What more to ask?


Check out footage from the show on youtube:


Also, this week I finally finished tracking pop duo Paul and Reisha at Salant Sound studios and will finish overseeing the recording process tomorrow night when we record the fourth and last song. Their EP has really come a long way and it sounds great. It's been a great experience producing it with co-producer Matt Giella ( again.


Lastly, Mostly Coats is about to get back on full force with exciting plans for our EP recording and potentially even a music video may be on its way...Stay tuned and check us out on February 7 when we return to the Studio at Webster Hall for Stateside's CD Release show! (Check out schedule for more info)


January 20, 2012


 Officially played my first gig with Yellowcake last week at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 - I had a great time. I'm also playing Sullivan Hall tomorrow with them at 10 pm. Check out the schedule for more info.


 Also, the pre-production process for the demo I'm producing for duo Paul and Reisha has been completed. Recording will begin next week so I'm also excited about that. And it's always good to remind everyone that I have recruited my musical right hand man Matt Giella ( to be my co-producer for the project. Stay tuned!


 And finally, Mostly Coats is coming back into action playing a big show at the Studio at Webster Hall. Check out the schedule for more info.


  January 9, 2012


 Good start to the new year so far. For New Year's Eve, I played a fun gig with the Matt Giella Quartet at Kellari Taverna. The quartet has an artist residency at the restaurant, playing every Sunday from 12 to 4 pm. If you're ever around, come on by for some jazz standards and original music!


 I'm also doing my first gig with Yellowcake this week at Rockwood Music Hall! Check out the schedule for more info.


 Lastly, I am currently in pre-production phase for the debut demo of Paul and Reisha. It's going really well and I have officially brought in Matt Giella ( to be my co-producer for the project.


 More updates to be announced soon!


 January 2, 2012


Happy new year and welcome to my brand new website. I'm super excited to finally have a complete online resource for all of you to follow my work! 


For New Year's Eve, I played a sweet gig at Greek Restaurant Kellari Taverna with the Matt Giella Quartet and had a great time.


Also this month I will be doing my first performances with Yellowcake at Rockwood Music Hall and Sullivan Hall!


Lastly, I will also be producing  the debut demo of talented Pop duo Paul and Reisha.


 Should be a fun start to the new year!

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